Ijen Crater Blue Flame

Ijen Crater, an acidic lake with an area of approximately 20 km, presents extraordinary natural phenomena. Especially if not, Blue Fire. Distress, struggling during a trip up the hill will pay off as soon as you see the scenery that stretches along the lip of the crater.

Ijen Crater the best time to watch this Blue Fire phenomenon is at dawn. The ascent to Ijen Crater starts from the Paltuding Post. The duration is approximately 3-4 hours. Besides Blue Fire, we can also enjoy the beauty of the epic sunrise at Ijen Peak. Ready to go? Let all the preparation be complete, we first update the facts about Ijen Crater.

Active Volcano Crater You must know that the Ijen crater is an active volcano. This crater is above an altitude of 2,368 meters above sea level and is still part of Mount Ijen, one of the volcanoes that is still active on the island of Java.

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Ijen Crater at Instagramable Spot

When traveling, we often target good photos. In the Ijen Crater area, there are many spectacular spots. We can take pictures with the background of the Toscan crater lake which is colored tosca. Guaranteed, make friends jealous. We can also take photos of the length of the hiking trail and the view of sulfur fumes that are always billowing into the sky. The result is definitely amazing.

Ijen Crater from Pathway

To get to the crater, we can try three climbing routes. We can start from the last post. Before entering the gate to the summit of Ijen, we were immediately confronted with a pretty bad track. The distance is approximately 2 km, with contours that continue to rise and the road is rather sandy and gravel. After arriving at the top, we can go down the crater to the lake’s lips. The distance is approximately 1 km, but must be careful because the rock path is steep.

Sulfur Miners on Ijen Crater

When walking along the path to the Ijen crater, Kuta will often meet sulfur miners. Do not block the path of the illegal miners to pass, because in fact the path we are going through is intended for them. Be a good ‘guest’ at every tourist destination we visit.